William Fevre Chablis Premier Cru Montee de Tonnerre 2015

Montee de Tonnerre is one of the spectacular Premier Crus of Chablis and unfortunatelly… one of the most expensive. Montee de Tonnerre is a Premier Cru climat on the eastern side of the Serein river in Chablis. The vineyard’s southwesterly aspect and high-quality Kimmeridgian soils have led to its classification as a Premier Cru, and it shares many geological similarities to the Chablis Grand Cru hill, which lies just a little way to the north (figure 1)

Figure 1 – Map comes from mdhamerica.com

Today I will explore –  William Fevre Montee de Tonnerre 2015 –  great wine form well-known producer. I bought it on marekkondrat.pl last year for about 45 euros.

I still have in my mind William Fevre Premier Cru Fourchaume 2015 …  it was absolutely fantastic wine. Would Montee de Tonnerre keep the level ?

Bottle in hand 🙂

Color: Light ! Is it chardonnay ??? Light bodied wine …
Bouquet: And here the biggest surprise – I was expecting the aroma of lime, lemon skin, or grapefruit … and here none of them , maybe except the discreet aroma of fresh green apple. Sniffing for a longer  moment and You feel like You were standing on the edge of a waterfall, where the air is clean and saturated with minerals.
Palate: It hits the lack of acidity – wine with neutral pH. Minerality takes the primary role. I have never experienced such a feeling before. You drink wine full of minerals as if you were licking a fresh pebble out of a small stream in the mountains. SURPRISING! Very short finish … after taking a sip nothing stays on the palate.

Filling up my glasses…

Summary: 88/100 points.

I know people who will love it for its minerality. Others … hate it. I’m in the middle. I appreciate the minerality, but I am disturbed by low acidity and lack of fruit notes. Compared to Fourchaume from this manufacturer Montee de Tonnerre is not as sophisticated. Next week, Dear Readers, we will stay on the east bank of the Serein River – from winezja.pl will come to us – Vaulorent Premier Cru from Domaine Fevre.

William Fevre Montee de Tonnerre 2015….

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