Vaucoupin – let’s try one more time….

My last meeting with the wine from Vaucoupin was a total disaster (read earlier post). Instead of freshness and minerals, rustic citrus, I received an old and faded wine, which admittedly achieved a unique asset – The wine will remain in my memory forever :-). In a blind tasting I would not qualify it to Chablis – the total opposite of Chablis style! However, I am a supporter of giving a second chance 😉

Vaucoupin again on the spotlight!

During my recent shoping at I have spotted an interesting wine – Jean Desvignes Chablis 1er Cru Vaucopin from 2017 at a sensational price – 13.13 Euro. You can easily see the regularity if reading my blog – you will not find Fourchaume on the discount shelves (read: Fur SZOM) or Montee de Tonnere ; but a simple, cheap – Vaucoupin. Remember – it does not matter that the wine is 1er Cru! The most important is 1er Cru region is and the producer’s name. However, this time I did not hesitate and added one bottle into my large shoping-basket (I tell that there were some other interesting out-of-Chablis wines like: Veueve Clicqout NV (25.79 Euro) and M & CH Brut Imperial (27 Euro)

Vintage 2017 – is an enigma in critis reviews, as most of 1er Cru and Grand Cru are just entering the market. So we have young wine, at the peak of its freshness. The producer itself is quite anonymous and not associated with white burgundy. Vivino rates the wine quite well – 3.6 / 5 is the average of 51 user ratings. Information on the method of vinification in the network is missing. Due to its low price and young vintage, I dared to claim that it’s not oaked at all.

Let’s start!

The first impression – the cork from Lidl :-/ (see below). This means only one – the wine was in 100% produced for discount shops ! I snip a small conspiracy – the wines created for the discounts shops have a lower quality than those created for other customers.

Cork suggesting belonging to the Lidl family
1er Cru from Lidl after spilling into a glass
  • Color – light gold. Nice, classic – such a real Chablis full-bodied
  • Nose: Undefined citrus, some alcohol. Pretty fresh
  • Palate: Chill of minerality, good acidity, citrusiness. Nothing else. Moderate citrus finish.

Summary: It’s regular price – 27 Euro ! It’s a price of classic Chablis wine like Drouhin Chablis. Spending 27 Euro for that wine would be far too much! But it cost me 40% cheaper, so let’s look at a slightly different perspective. Wine decent, but unfortunately from the series “to forget” and “do not knock on your knees”. Unfortunately, it shows one more time a brutal truth for wine wines from Burgundy Region – You can not buy an unique bottle for less than a “penny”, but just a regular bottle for a late evening meal.

Rating: 78/100

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