Six things about Fourchaume You want to know !

1. What is Fourchaume?

One of the most famous and respected “climat” in Premier Cru in Chablis. By many critics, including the great Robert Parker compared with the Biggest – Grand Cru.

2. Location?

It is so-called:  “Right-bank Premier Cru”, adjacent to the north with the most known and respected Grand Cru pots. As a neighbor of the grand Grand Cru has a lot in common with them – including its geological structure. It has Kimberian limestone, which is suitable for the invaluable mineral freshness, so sought after among lovers of Chablis . Due to its’ southern slope expositions towards the river Serein, this parcels are exposed to higer temeratures than other Premier Cru regions.

3. The character of wine?

Typical features of the fouchaume wines – rounded citrus flavors and fresh mineral make them drink endlessly. These wines are characterized by the fact that they are excelent quality every year, There are no bad vintage in Fourchaume – all are excellent !

4. Famous producers?

Participation in more than 112 hectares of vineyards have almost all known producers wine feom Chablis. The portfolio of all self-respecting wine-makers includes Fourchaume wine in the price offer. We have the fault of William Fevre, Louis Jadot and many, many others

5. Prices?

Unfortunately, the price of the Premier Cru Fourchaume bottle never falls below 30 euros / bottle. That is the reason why white-burgundy wine lovers can’t drink them everyday, and they save it for a special occasion.

6. The potential of aging?

Comparable to the best Grand Cru … 10-15 years in a good cellar, they allow you to fully develop the character of wine and give it elegance and sophisticated character.

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