Joseph Drouhin … in search of your favorite Chablis!

I will tell you why the simple Chablis from almost the heart of the region belongs to my favorite wines. Before… Read about the winery.

The pioneer – was Joseph Drouhin, who in the late nineteenth century (1880 at the age of 22 founded in the heart of white Burgundy – Beaune his wine-making company. Next – his son- Maurice, made excellent investments and purchased plots in Clos des Mouches (1er Cru in Beaune) and Clos de Vougeot (grand cru in Cote de Nuits), making Domaine Joseph Drouhin become a great player on the Burgundian market. Backing to the Chablis – another descendant – grandson Robert Drouhin, took over the enterprise in the second half of the twentieth century and developed it in the area of ​​Chablis. He bought many great locations, and revived the vineyard destroyed many years earlier by the phylloxera. He rejected the benefits of chemistry – pesticides, etc., bringing the wine to a higher level. Today, the company runs four great-grandchildren of Joseph – the vineyards are in the hands of the family for over 130 years. Joseph Drouhin is one of the largest brands in all of Burgundy – the vineyards are found in almost every major Burgudndian AOC – in Chablis itself, it has 3.7 ha of Grand Cru plot (4 plots) and 7.2 ha of Premier Cru (8 plots) – see below.

The Chablis vineyards (27.3 hectares, right bank) are located in the heart of Chablis – in the close neighborhood (south) of the Grand Cru AOC, in a place called Vaudon. On the Serein River, there is the Moulin de Vaudon, an ancient eighteenth century mill, with which the label of these wines is associated. It is also the “command center” of the entire company. The location is great – qualitatively great soils with the accumulation of Kimberian and Portland limestone, good sunlight – all this makes Chablis from Drouhin a model example of the ascetic Chablis – a citrus-mineral, cool purist style.

Lokalizacja winnic Joseph Drouhin, w tym siedziba firmy w Moulin de Vaudon ( zdjęcie pochodzi z

Chablis wines develope in “tanks” for 5-7 months, they are not aged in oak; the best time for drinking is 1-5 years after bottling. We drink a little cooler than the other Chardonnay – 8-10st C, in a glass dedicated to the strain … yes yes … funny, but for Chardonnay wines there is a special glass (see below), for the unoriented looks like to a red one. However, I remain faithful to my “tulip” 🙂

A glass dedicated for Chardonnay (photo from website :

I have a sentiment for this wine … since I taste it, I started my adventure with Chablis. More than a year ago when I taste it, I felt in love withthis unique style… Now, after tastking 1er Cru wines, will it make such an impression on me? we’ll see! Earlier, however, I will give the price and the source of my purchase. When I made my purchase last year, I spent about 18,6 Euro on; this time the price was lower – 15,6 Euro in the Easter promotion !!!

Let’s start !

  • Color: Wonderful – golden, intense! Finally, full-bodied wine. A nice change after the last tastings.
  • Aroma: Grapefruit, lime, lemon, green apple. No tertiary notes – You feel that it has no contact with the barrel.
  • Palate: Minerality with this coolness in the mouth, moderate acidity – maybe a bit too small; full lips – such a purebred chardonnay. Finish quite long, citrus

Summary: Appetite grows as you eat. The wine is very good; for 15,6 Euro … great. However, this is not an epic wine. At the end of the bottle, even mackerel … However, there is no wow effect! Rating 88/100.

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