In the discount area? – Vaucoupin 2015

We stay on the right bank – this time slightly more southeast – in the less known and therefore much cheaper region – Vaucoupin (see below). I will describe this interesting “climat” in the next article. In this article, I would like to describe my impressions of wine tasting from this region – Chateau Clos de VaulicheresChablis Premier Cru Vaucoupin 2015. Wine from a less-known producer from a good vintage (vintage-chart – see below), at a sensational price – in the promotion You can buy for 15 Euro, the standard price in Auchan “Connoisseur’s Wine” – 21,4 Euro. Such cheap Premier Cru Chablis …? Hmm …. where is the catch?

Right-bank Vaucoupin in the southeast (map from
vintage chart from

The wine is a coupage – 25% of oaked and 75% of unoaked Chardonnay. It’s hard to find any information about the producer and its winery on the internet. Such a small enigma. Even on the label and the counter-title, the essential data can not be found. Probably these features affect the low price. But let’s get to wine.

After pouring into glasses
  • Color: I have already got used to the fact that 1er Cru should not require an intense color. The color is pale gold with an emphasis on pale.     
  • Nose: Something bothers me … There is citrus, an apple, maybe a little pear … but the smell is not fresh, it does not charm.    
  • Palate: Instead of acid, light sweetness, bland as hell. After drinking a bottle by yourself you can fall out love with Chablis. The alcoholic finish … blah !

Summary: I already understand the price of this wine … 21,4 Euros is about 12 Euros too much! I already understand why Auchan sells it. Dear readers … it’s good that you have my blog. Because it’s better that I waste my money than you :-). 71/100 pt

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