Six things about Montee de Tonnerre You want to know…

What is Montee de Tonnerre?
You make a research about Chablis wines and something is amazing ! … wine 1er Cru more expensive than Grand Cru …? That’s the truth … it’s the Montee de Tonnere hill. This is one of the most recognizable “climat” in all of Chablis. This wine is often set on one level with its great neighbors.

2. Location?
This is the “climat” Prime Cru Chablis localizated on the right bank of the Serein River. From the north, just a narrow ravine separates Montee de Tonnere from the icon of wines from Chablis – Blanchot. The region is divided into three sub-regions: the largest – Chapelot and the smaller: Cote de Brechain and Piet d’Aloup. They all have similarities – a base rich in Kimmerian limestone and differences resulting from different exposure to the sun’s rays. So the vines at the top of the hill – Pied d’Aluoup, which face west, receive more sun from the lower lying Chapelot (to the south) and Cote de Brechain (to the west) (Figure 1).

Location of Montee de Tonnerre (picture comes from

3. The character of wine.
Mainly – chalky minerality, which I learned by drinking William Fevre Premier Cru Montee de Tonnerre 2015. It results from geology – Kimberian limestone + fossils allover. Second – few floral and fruit notes – resulting from less exposure to sunlight than, for example, Fourchaume. Good for maturation – can stand in the winery for many years, and develop the aromas of honey and walnuts.

4. The potential of aging.
The longest among all Premier Cru – perfect to put down in a wine cellar / winery for 10 …. 15 … maybe even 20 years. In my experience, it’s better to wait with these wines, because the young ones from 2015 might not amaze You, as it should.

5. Food comparision
When choosing a dish we must realize how mineral this wine is. Products with shells – mussels in white wine sauce, oysters etc … will be perfect. Shells, shells and shells … again. The sauce must be slightly sour so that the wine does not appear bland.

6. Prices?

The average price is 300 PLN – data from! This is a staggering amount, which unfortunately obliges to be one of the best wines … and as it turned out in my case …. disappointing – did not meet my expectations.

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