6 things about Vaulorent that you want to know …

1. Location of Vaulorent?

It is a region located on the right bank of the Serein River. Some wine enthusiasts include Vaulorent to its north-west neighbor – Fourchaume, for others – it is a separate “terror” 1-er Cru, which shares the same hill as the Grand Cru plots – the natural extension of Vaulorent are: Bourgos and Les Preuses.

Vaulorent location (photo from pl.pinterest.com)

2. Geology and climate?

The geological layers are close to those on which the Grand Cru parcels are located – mainly Kimmerian limestone, so you can ask why it is not considered Grand Cru? The answer is simple – unlike to its Big Neighbors, the wineyards are not south faced – and thus are not so exposed to the sun’s rays. It is here a bit cooler, and this affects the final ripening of the fruit on the bushes.

Geology of the right bank – in the middle – Fourchaume, on the right – the hill of Grand Cru, with Vaulorent next to the Fontenay valley

3. The character of wine?

Pure Chablis — citruses, minerality and …… HONEY !!! . As I wrote in an earlier article, in which I described my impressions of tasting Vaulorent with Domaine Fevre, distinguish Vaulorent from Fourchaume is a mission impossible . That is why they are probably regarded as the same terroir … Most recognized wine critics, including the great Robert Parker, in almost every review of wine from Vaulorent, mentions about aromas of honey, and if you read my review, you will find that I agree with them in 100%.

4. Prices?

Affordable. For 100-130 PLN we are able to buy a bottle from the majority of big producers. At this price, we get a quality wine, a little out of the Grand Cru wines for more than twice as much money. Looking for a gift for your friends – Vaulorent is the perfect choice.

5. “Food pairing”?

The star of dinner is supposed to be wine, not a dish. The wines are well balanced, so you do not have to over-taste the sauce, etc. Light, boiled fish in a slightly bland sauce?

6. The potential of aging?

This is not a Montee de Tonnerre, which even a twenty-year-old bottle will make a chablis lover heart palpitation. We are drinking present vintage – currently 2016. Do not put them in the cellar, because what we love in them will pass away – fresh, mineral citrusiness.

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