6 things about Vaucoupin that you want to know about …

1. What is Vaucoupin ?

Little known, even for fans of Chablis, the 1er Cru appeal, which stands out on the shelves with a low, and sometimes even a funny price, as for the Premier Cru wines.

2. Location

Vaucoupin is a sort of lonely island of Prime Cru in the south-eastern edge of the region, on the right bank of the Serein River. To the nearest Premier Cru – Vosgros and Mont de Milieu is far … picturesque vineyards are surrounded by wine producing plots in the usual Chablis appellation. 1er Cru vineyards occupy about 40 hectares of steep, south-facing slopes. The southern exposition means that there is more sunlight here, and hence the relaxation of the cold climate of Chablis. If we add a mythical Kimmerian limestone to the substrate (which allowed Vaucoupin to qualify for a higher classification), we will get a great place to grow vines for outstanding wines. I would like to add that speaking of steep slopes I mean really steep slopes – often not accessible to machines, but only to humans – the collections in this appeal are almost exclusively manual.

3. The character of the wine

In theory, all the best – good sun exposure gives the citrus freshness, and the soil rich in Kimmerian limestone cool minerality. That’s the theory. In practice, it can be different. I was disappointed. Neither fresh nor mineral. Do not feel the spirit and body of Chablis. Wines similar to the Chilean Chardonnay. Perhaps in the future I will change my mind about these wines when I try current vintages or better producers. At the moment it’s like I wrote.

4. The price of wine

Average 18-24 Euro, which seems to be ridiculously low as for Premier Cru conditions. These are the wines of Premier Cru, which most often appear in hypermarkets – Auchan, Real, Carefour etc. … At special prices we can buy such wine for even 12-15 Euro. Is this a good opportunity? Everyone must try and convince themselves. I prefer to spend three times more on Fourchaume, ba … even four times moree for Monte de Tonnere (to at least once try what the concept of MINERAL wine means)

5. Traps when buying

It’s 2019 … remember that these wines should not be drunk later than five years after the harvest. What I experienced on my own skin is the loss of freshness of the fruit and the “rotten” of the wine. Today – we are drinking 2017, for 2018. Vintage in Chablis since 2010 are almost all successful (with an outstanding 2014). Do not let the over-date wines make us become ABC (Anything but chardonnay).

6. Food-paring

This time I would try something new. Drinking solo? Tasteless !… such a spicy chilli con carne would definitely add color and would increase my evaluation from 71/100 to 73/100 😉

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